Friday, 6 September 2013

Day 5 - 10 Day YOU Challenge

Day You Challenge Day 5

Hello and welcome to the 10 Day You Challenge day 5 which today is 6 places.

  1. Hexham
I live near Hexham & would consider Hexham to be my home town. The locals are lovely & chatty. The beauty about Hexham is that there is always something for you to do. The Farmers Market on monthly out surpasses any I have visited. I particularly like the artisan bakers called Zen Bakers. They know alot about the products & give you ideas about what recipes best complement the bread. @zenbakers

2. Brighton

My dad's family have adopted Brighton as their home so I go there frequently for family do's. The one thing that I adore about Brighton is that you can find ANYTHING there. It is also home to the most amazing chocolate shop in the world Choccywocydoodah's


My mum's family are from the lovely area of Liverpool. I have many a memory of plodding around Liverpool with my aunties & uncles. The main city has had a major overhaul in recent years with the birth of L1. I get dragged there by my grandad to go to Lakeland as my gran won't allow him to shop there unsupervised. We both come out of there with bags full of goodies. We are like little kids in a candy shop. I also like to go to Crosby beach to see the Iron Men that Antony Gormley produced. Here is a picture of them. link. I like to walk along here during sunset as the atmosphere is incredible calming.

4. Bamburgh
This holds a special place for me and my boyfriend as it was our first mini break away together. We drove past this to get to Bamburgh Castle & I think that this image is just beautiful. I don't know what it is called but there was a cricket match going on in the field below and we just sat & chilled out there

5. York
I love York. There is so much to do. It is the half way point for my family to meet so we often meet there and go for a wander and end up completely lost. I asked my cousin what she remembered about York and she said ' You insisting we go to Mulberry.' It made me chuckle but it is true. We always go to Betty's & buy a few cakes (a fondant fancy for me). My mum spends a lot of time there for work and showed me around. We end up going to all the cute quirky shops we don't have in the North East. 

6. Kent

This is where my Grandad lives. It is one of those counties so similar to Northumberland. I have found everyone is so friendly. The fact my dad grew up there makes it special to him & me, everytime we go he tells me something new about his time living there.

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